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So I Will Dance with Cinderella 
12th-Oct-2008 08:10 pm
tenth doctor, christmassy Who, doctor who
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Actually you don't need this community much anymore if you're actually wanting to follow SCC news because the Chapman Channel blogs are wayyyyy better and more first-hand. xD

So, Emily got married to Tanner on Oct 4th (everyone looked gorgeous, especially the bride! Betcha Maria was dancing up in heaven with happiness for them), the epicly magnificent United tour is off and kicking (follow timely updates from Jim Houser ), today (Oct 12) is Stevey Joy's 6th birthday, and tomorrow (Oct 13) is Steven and Mary Beth's 24th wedding anniversary.

In all accounts it appears life goes on. But prayers for this special family and the people working with them and surrounding them won't cease. Mary Beth has updated her blog with some videos of Maria, and a note for everyone who's been supporting them along the way. As she says, they can feel your prayers and never stop!
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