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Interview with People 
15th-Jul-2008 11:31 pm
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July 14th. The Chapmans get ready for an interview with People magazine. "A long day. A difficult day. We go to God for strength and courage and peace and His words for each of the Chapmans for this interview. Steven and family are seeking God to get the glory. We are seeking People (pun intended) who may not otherwise hear to hear. We'd ask you to pray along with us, as you have been so faithful to do. And then after the interview is complete, it will be out of our hands and in an editor's to decide what to print. Again, we ask you to pray that the words will be well chosen and of the Higher agenda. And we trust He will have His way."

July 14th. Maria Sue's adoption day. As Jim writes: "Today is Maria Sue Chapman's adoption day. (and the tears come) Not was her adoption day. This is and always will be her adoption day. July 14th, the day she became a Chapman. And this day is part of the story that God orchestrated so she would hear about Jesus. So that He could accomplish His purpose in His way to bring Him to her. A special needs orphan in China, with an odd name for a Chinese girl, so she sticks out in a crowd to a man who wrote a song with a lyric "who's gonna love Maria" over a decade earlier and who lives on the other side of the world, who God calls to take her home, and when he hears God, then this man and family brings her home to Franklin, TN, for a time. (too brief for us, not a day too short for God)."

Oh how my heart aches for them.

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