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we are not home yet, so let us journey on
Words From Jim 
11th-Jul-2008 11:11 pm
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The Chapmans are now confirmed for three appearances in the coming weeks:
  • Good Morning America (taping July 21st, airing week of August 4th)
  • Larry King Live (August 7th, full hour)
  • People Magazine (issue at newstands August 8th)

Jim writes:

So, now you know... the three appearances that have been confirmed out of the hundred plus invites the Chapmans had. As of now, this will be all. Perhaps 1 or 2 others... but perhaps, no more interviews in 2008. Today's "major" post... Why? Why go through it? Why do these?

These appearances were cautiously, carefully, and prayerfully considered with input from the family, pastors, counselors, and Steven's team. Though you have heard about them in the space of this week, they have been discussed, pondered, prayed over, and planned for several weeks now. And yes, it's no coincidence they hit in the space of the same week, we're trying to bump into people we might not normally see.

The Chapmans didn't seek these appearances. But when these many opportunities came, the discussion centered around the opportunity to use them to remember and celebrate Maria, to thank the tens of thousands who have sent condolences as well as the the hundreds of thousands or more that have prayed for this family, to highlight adoption and orphans...

and most importantly that the Hope of the Gospel be proclaimed.

It's our hope that this is what will be accomplished, that as many as possible will be reached, especially those that would not hear of it any other way... and we seek your prayers as the family endeavors to do so in these interviews.

Also, I know many of you ache to see them, to see for yourself if they are ok... I hope you'll be encouraged.

In 14 years in the music industry, it's only been a handful of times an artist I've work alongside has appeared on an outlet as large as Good Morning America. The reach is amazing, the people associated with this program are stellar in their professionalism and abilities. And yet... I wish with all that is in me I was not meeting GMA host, Robin Roberts, on July 21(airing in August)... Not under these circumstances.

And though I studied journalism in college and remain fascinated with it, I would choose not to be in the same room with journalistic icon Larry King on Aug 7th... Not under these circumstances.

And for that matter, our quotes and Steven's photos in People Magazine seen all over the world, and again via an interview on July 14, fantastic... no, not now... Not under these circumstances.

Friends, God did not let us choose. And this is how it is. And so we walk on, hoping to honor Him as we do.

I've just shared some critical dates with you. Do pray, will you please?

I type from a bus headed north to Wisconsin for the first show since the accident. An overflowing e-mail inbox, malfunctioning iPhone... and questions in my head keep me awake. How will it feel? Did we wait too long? What will he say? Is it too soon? Will Will and Caleb be able to play? Will he be able to sing? to finish? Is it wrong to have fun? How is Mary Beth doing? These roll through my head for God tonight.

I'm certain that we've prepared and sought counsel and prayed as well as we can... and am believing that now is the right time... and that God has led us and what He for this weekend of shows is just as it needs to be for each of us.

I'm trusting Him to get this family through. So... the Gosepl better be true.
I've said that to God countless times over these last weeks.
I trust that it is.
Pray on friends.
* * *

And the epic tour of a lifetime: The United Tour, with Michael W. Smith and Steven.

The United Tour

Don't forget that Steven is heading back to the stage tonight, July 11th at Lifest.

Maria's untimely and tragic loss have left us all with many questions, but I'm sure you'll agree with me when you see the legacy it has left behind, and how God works through the darkest of times to ultimately bring glory to His name, our God who is forever faithful! This story of hope in the Gospel will be heard by millions. There are big big big things at work here. Keep on praying for this family and those around them (Jim, Grace, Melissa, etc). Especially on these dates. Especially on July 21st when it will be two months since Maria went to the Father's heavenly arms. Pray on.
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