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we are not home yet, so let us journey on
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21st-May-2009 09:21 pm - Keep praying.
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May 21st. You know what to do.

Mary Beth's blog and Twitter has lots of updates and stories; drop by and leave the family some encouragement!
21st-Nov-2008 08:14 pm - 6 months on
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It's a bit of an awkward thing, really.

I'm sure we're all ready to wish Steven a very happy birthday; the day happens to also fall on the 6-month anniversary of Maria entering the Father's arms. But those left on earth have to carry on, with hope and assurance that we're not home yet; and that one day we will absolutely see those we've lost again.

Steven and friends have gone pheasant-hunting in the Dakotas for his birthday, says Jim. And he's due to sing the anthem for the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.

So happy birthday Steven. You are treasured so much. Our prayers continue on for you and all the Chapmans.

In another note, Emily has posted some wedding photos at her blog, Mary Beth celebrated her birthday a while back, the United tour has wrapped up, and most importantly, November is National Adoption Awareness month! Check Jim's blog for all the details.
12th-Oct-2008 08:10 pm - So I Will Dance with Cinderella
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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Actually you don't need this community much anymore if you're actually wanting to follow SCC news because the Chapman Channel blogs are wayyyyy better and more first-hand. xD

So, Emily got married to Tanner on Oct 4th (everyone looked gorgeous, especially the bride! Betcha Maria was dancing up in heaven with happiness for them), the epicly magnificent United tour is off and kicking (follow timely updates from Jim Houser ), today (Oct 12) is Stevey Joy's 6th birthday, and tomorrow (Oct 13) is Steven and Mary Beth's 24th wedding anniversary.

In all accounts it appears life goes on. But prayers for this special family and the people working with them and surrounding them won't cease. Mary Beth has updated her blog with some videos of Maria, and a note for everyone who's been supporting them along the way. As she says, they can feel your prayers and never stop!
12th-Sep-2008 09:39 pm - SCC on The Early Show
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Steven sings 'Cinderella' on the early show, with Caleb accompanying him.

So sad, yet so hopeful.

Main story HERE.

24th-Aug-2008 05:56 pm - Happy birthday to Shaohannah!
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A sweet birthday wish to Shaoey, who turns 9 today! May God continue to watch over you, dear precious Cinderella.

Shaoey, Steven Joy and Steven at the Jonas Brothers' concert in Atlanta, Aug 2008
Picture (C) Grace Graham, 2008
21st-Aug-2008 08:28 pm - 3 months ago
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Maria and Steven at one of the previous Shaohannah's Hope annual fundraisers; pictures from Grace's blog at http://chapmanchannel.typepad.com/grace

3 months ago the unthinkable happened. Yet today they carry on. For we have an unwavering hope in our Father in Heaven!

From one who's seen the view
And dreams of staying on
the mountain high
And one one who's cried like you
Wanting to much just to
lay down and die
I offer this, we must remember this
We are not home yet
We are not home yet
Keep on looking ahead
Let your heart not forget
We are not home yet
Not home yet
15th-Aug-2008 09:17 pm - Appearances
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Caught the Chapman family on telly recently? If not, check out SCC.com or Jim Houser's blog for various links and commentaries. Keep on praying for this family.

Don't forget to check out the tour page on SCC.com as Steven heads out with Michael W. Smith for a tour of two absolute legends in Christian music. The United Tour!
15th-Jul-2008 11:31 pm - Interview with People
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July 14th. The Chapmans get ready for an interview with People magazine. "A long day. A difficult day. We go to God for strength and courage and peace and His words for each of the Chapmans for this interview. Steven and family are seeking God to get the glory. We are seeking People (pun intended) who may not otherwise hear to hear. We'd ask you to pray along with us, as you have been so faithful to do. And then after the interview is complete, it will be out of our hands and in an editor's to decide what to print. Again, we ask you to pray that the words will be well chosen and of the Higher agenda. And we trust He will have His way."

July 14th. Maria Sue's adoption day. As Jim writes: "Today is Maria Sue Chapman's adoption day. (and the tears come) Not was her adoption day. This is and always will be her adoption day. July 14th, the day she became a Chapman. And this day is part of the story that God orchestrated so she would hear about Jesus. So that He could accomplish His purpose in His way to bring Him to her. A special needs orphan in China, with an odd name for a Chinese girl, so she sticks out in a crowd to a man who wrote a song with a lyric "who's gonna love Maria" over a decade earlier and who lives on the other side of the world, who God calls to take her home, and when he hears God, then this man and family brings her home to Franklin, TN, for a time. (too brief for us, not a day too short for God)."

Oh how my heart aches for them.

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Jim has kept us updated as the minutes tick by during Steven's first show since Maria. Go check out his blog.

Next stop for Steven and co, MI.
11th-Jul-2008 11:11 pm - Words From Jim
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The Chapmans are now confirmed for three appearances in the coming weeks:
  • Good Morning America (taping July 21st, airing week of August 4th)
  • Larry King Live (August 7th, full hour)
  • People Magazine (issue at newstands August 8th)

Jim writes: Why?Collapse )

And the epic tour of a lifetime: The United Tour, with Michael W. Smith and Steven.

The United Tour

Don't forget that Steven is heading back to the stage tonight, July 11th at Lifest.

Maria's untimely and tragic loss have left us all with many questions, but I'm sure you'll agree with me when you see the legacy it has left behind, and how God works through the darkest of times to ultimately bring glory to His name, our God who is forever faithful! This story of hope in the Gospel will be heard by millions. There are big big big things at work here. Keep on praying for this family and those around them (Jim, Grace, Melissa, etc). Especially on these dates. Especially on July 21st when it will be two months since Maria went to the Father's heavenly arms. Pray on.
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